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marți, 22 februarie 2011

5 Top Reasons For Starting a New Business To Make Your Life Better

5 Top Reasons For Starting a New Business To Make Your Life Better
Running your own company is hard work. It is probably one of the most difficult things you can do. Your social life and career will have to be put on the back burner. You will most likely risk everything. So there must be some very good reasons why someone would want to start their own businesses. Here are our favourite five.
The first big reason is you can choose your own hours. If you have a busy life and large family, this is an excellent reason. You can even work your business around your other life commitments. If you fancy taking the afternoon off, who is to tell you off? Having your own business can enable you to spend quality time in the areas of life you enjoy. Although there are many that would argue that otherwise, there is no point in running a business. Do be aware on the other side of the spectrum, in emergencies or busy periods, a business is something that will dictate the hours you work.
The pull of earning lots of dosh certainly has its appeal! Money isn't the answer to everything, but it does help! Working for someone else you are limited to a set salary. Even bonuses are limited. If you make a success of your business you have the key to earn millions. Thus it's not surprising money is the biggest motivator for forming a company.
There are a number of motivators according to Organisational Psychology. For some people, their tonic is success. Thus some people start a business purely because they are driven and want to achieve things. It's often that this kind of person goes furthest with their business. A successful person can usually be recognised in that they don't let any hurdles get in their way.
Some business men and women have a company because of the image it creates for them. It's all about the suits, cars and meetings. They love telling people they own their own company. Image drives people to run a business. What happens when the novelty fades though?
Many people hate being told what to do. Even worse is being told what to do by someone incompetent and over paid. How many bosses fit this description?! So the motivating factor to form a new company for a lot of people is the thought of being their own boss.
Also think of the reasons why you shouldn't start a company. Your stress levels will be tested with the massive responsibility. Running your own company isn't all fun and games. And if there's only one reason, what if the novelty wears off? Have more than one reason to start a business. If there are more good reasons than bad, then it's perhaps time to start thinking about a company formation.

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