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luni, 21 februarie 2011

Choosing a Commercial Property

Choosing a Commercial Property
Buying a commercial property can quickly turn into a long nightmare if due diligence and care is not taken by the business owner. With the amount of money involved in a commercial property transaction failing to make the correct checks can end up costing the business a lot. Not only can building costs, repair costs and maintenance bills quickly eat into a business' bank account, but the lost revenue that occurs when a business can't use its commercial property can cause serious problems.
Domestic property inspections are not as detailed and in depth as commercial property surveys and so they should be avoided when it comes to buying a property for business. While there are essential problems to check for such as woodworm infestation and dry rot problems, a commercial property expert will go much more in depth and look for common problems that businesses face.
Not every business has an in house property specialist and if you are new to real estate investments, particularly for commercial use, you will be much better off finding a commercial real estate specialist that can inspect the building for the most common problems far before any buying decision is made.
There are a number of specialists that can be hired and for some commercial properties it may be wise to hire various specialists who are knowledgeable about different areas of the business. Building surveyors will be able to assess the building's structure and any problems relating to dry rot and other wood rotting fungi while a business property specialist may be better suited to judging whether the property is suitable to your business needs.
Developing a long term working relationship with a commercial property specialist can provide a number of opportunities and benefits for your business for years to come. Sound business and real estate advice is hard to come by and is extremely valuable when found.

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