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joi, 10 februarie 2011

Easy Facebook Marketing Strategies and Tips

Easy Facebook Marketing Strategies and Tips
If you want to have success marketing on Facebook then it's important to learn the right Facebook marketing strategies. There's some proper techniques and rules that you need to know first before you get started.
When setting up your profile, make sure you focus on who you are as a person. People relate better to someone who is personable and not too business oriented. It's ok to promote a business on Facebook as long as it's done tastefully.
People want to know who you are first before they will join any business you're involved with. Be honest with who you are in your profile. Tell people your likes, interests, and hobbies.
The more real you are, the better relationships you will create. There are some very useful Facebook marketing strategies to follow if you want to have success marketing on Facebook.
More people spend time on Facebook then on any other website in the world.
They currently have an Alexa traffic ranking of 2 (Alexa.com). The only site ahead of them with more traffic is Google. The great part is that you can market on Facebook for free.
You should set up a business account that's separate from your personal account if you're going to promote a business on Facebook.
If you want to increase your visibility and brand yourself as a leader then it's a good idea to set up a fan page. This will be a great place to share your business opportunity.
Fan pages also rank very well in the search engines, so if your page is very popular then there's a good chance that your fan page could show up on the first page of Google.
It's important to get your fan page in front of as many people as possible. You can promote your page on sites like Hub pages, Squidoo, Better Networker, and on your blog.
If you want to diversify your web presence then you'll want to create a Twitter account as well. Once you have your Twitter account setup you'll be able to link both accounts so that your Facebook friends will be able to see your Tweets.
Since people are being flooded with business opportunities all over the Internet today, people need to know who they are getting involved with before they join any business opportunity.
There are tons of people pitching businesses on Facebook everyday so it's important to differentiate yourself from them. You don't want to be known as a business "pitcher."
Since there's no one that's like you in the world, you have the chance to be different and become the leader that you desire to be.
When you choose your profile picture, make sure that it's professional and will bring credibility to you as a leader. Remember that people love photos.
If you want people to take you serious as a business person, make sure the photos you choose are appropriate. When doing friend requests, it's always nice to add a friendly note introducing yourself to the person you are requesting.
Facebook is a tremendous way to connect with people from all over the world. If you focus on creating your brand as a person, and follow the right Facebook marketing strategies, then you will have success marketing on Facebook.

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