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sâmbătă, 12 februarie 2011

Five Noticable Features Of A Fantastic Hotel

Five Noticable Features Of A Fantastic Hotel
Locating the right hotel can be very difficult. There are many hotels that impress with their looks from the outside, whereas the inside leaves a lot to be desired. As well as that, there are hotels that don't look great from the outside, but are magnificent inside. It is not always the best thing as they say, to judge a book by its cover. Since the economic crisis, less people travel for leisure. Similarly even business travel has been cut to a minimum to save money. Therefore it comes as no surprise that hotels are competing with one another for business. If you are looking for a hotel, how do you pick the diamonds from the rough? It's not always about cost. Location has a lot to say about hotel pricing. So in a big place like London, how do you come to your decision?
Check out the hotel's facilities first. Most hotels will have their own websites you can check this on, although treat the descriptions with caution. At the very least, you want tea and coffee making facilities and an en-suite bathroom or shower room. Once upon a time hotels would have shared bathrooms. Luckily, these days you should definitely expect the privacy of your own bathroom. Tea and coffee making facilities should normally be on offer. Don't fuss too much if you don't have the more minor facilities such as the trouser press. Is the trouser press really necessary as well as the mini bar? Don't forget as well, you can normally expect to pay an arm and a leg for a chocolate bar! The bottled water is normally more than the cost of a good bottle of wine!
The bigger facilities are important if you are staying a while. For a one night stay, there's nothing wrong with sampling the local restaurant. However, with cost and convenience in mind, you may wish to find a hotel with its own hotel if you are staying a while. Whether you need a bar or not depends on you! For work travel, you are probably going to be that tired after a hard day, that you'll probably just want to go to sleep. However, should the purpose of your travel be for pleasure, you really need to unwind at the bar!
Always make sure you do your research on the hotel. You should be able to find help from the local tourist board. It is much quicker though, to jump onto Google and type the hotel name in! You should find the hotel on plenty of review sites. Take the reviews with a pinch of salt though. Some people's reviews show they are very difficult to please. For 50 pounds they are probably expecting a 500 pound service. On the flip side, some people are far too easily pleased. The best reviews are those meticulous ones that detail everything from start to finish. It's easier to work out how fair a review is when it is longer and more detailed.
Ringing the hotel before hand is another method to work out the quality of service you will experience. Kind, considerate staff are worth patronising with your hard earned cash! However, should the staff be frankly useless, that hotel should be given a wide birth. Remember to ask the staff to confirm the room facilities.
You should after some careful consideration, be able to pick the right hotel. Always consider locations such as big cities can be very busy. Make sure you book in advance so you don't miss out. Wherever you choose to stay, enjoy your trip and make sure you leave reviews for others.

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