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marți, 22 februarie 2011

FTD Flowers Online - How To Purchase Safely

FTD Flowers Online - How To Purchase Safely
Not every FTD florist online is legitimate. Unfortunately, some of the sites that you will encounter, which purport to sell flowers for Transworld delivery, are nothing more than scams.
They make you go through the whole process of placing your order, filling out a delivery form with all the recipient's details, and getting your money from your credit card.
It is only later that you apprehend that you have been duped and that your money is lost. Moreover, you have also given your credit card details to an online scammer!
If such a situation occurs, do not panic. As priority, inform your credit card company of the fraud so that they can blacklist your card to prevent unauthorized usage.
Secondly, make sure of the genuineness of the FTD florist site before placing orders or giving your card details while making payments for delivering flowers to international destinations.
How to do this? Here are some tips:
* The best way to prevent yourself from being a victim of these FTD scammers that thrive online is to do your research. Search the internet for forums and website that provide information about scam-florists that you should avoid. While you're at it, sniff around for recommendations on the most reputable and dependable FTD florist online.
* Make sure you have lots of options before you place your order with an FTD florist online. It is not safe to go in for the very first site that you see because more often, scammer sites are resourceful so as to make their site come up in the first page of search engines.
* Find out from friends about genuine sites from which they may have brought flowers from. Most of them readily recommend sites from which they may have purchased from. Do place your orders with such reputed sites because then the risk element is totally down.
Do follow these tips if you want to avoid being duped by an FTD florist online scam site. This way, you can ensure a pleasant experience too.

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