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marți, 15 februarie 2011

How Influential Is Optimism?

How Influential Is Optimism?
In life, you will need to sharpen your claws for you to survive but there are other things you can do to help you go on with life without hurting yourself or others. Get a job that entails your interest. Never choose a job for the sake of having one or it has a good pay. Most of the time, when you choose a job for its own sake, you end up quitting it.
Always do the best in everything you do especially with regards to your job. Face challenges and always be on your game when you are doing things. There is a sense of fulfillment when you are able to do the best at everything you do in life.
Smile and others will smile back. When you initiate a smile, you will show yourself as an open and approachable person. This way, people will easily be your friend and you will have no problem dealing with people.
Be more appreciative in life especially at times when you are experiencing difficulties. It is in these times that you will learn who you really are and what kind of people surrounds you.
Try doing charity work or volunteer once in a while. You may have a well paying stable job but volunteering to help feed the hungry or even educate the homeless children is priceless. There is comparable satisfaction you feel when you have helped someone in need.
When you feel bad you complain. When you are not able to do something you complain. Try accepting change rather than complain about it. There are other people who are on your situation and they feel blessed about it and you, instead of appreciating it, would rather complain.
Feel good about yourself. If you have just finished a difficult project, reward yourself with a day at the spa or a pint of ice cream. This way, you get to feel a lot better towards yourself knowing that you have done a great job at your work or even in life.
Get into the positive light rather than dwelling on negative thoughts. The more you think of negative thoughts, the more it consumes you and make you a horrible person. There are two sides of the coin, one leads you to a dark path while the other leads you to a place of growth. The only challenge for you is where to find that road.

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