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marți, 15 februarie 2011

How To Cope With Difficult People

How To Cope With Difficult People
Maybe you have noticed people who tend to be very hard to deal with without them giving any thought to it. Generally they are labeled as bullies and such people are to be found all over the place including the office.
Most often than not, you meet people who are so uncivil and lacking of respect. They tend to raise temperatures unnecessarily but you are the one forced to take it in without a murmur.
People tend to deal with such type of rudeness in different ways. Not knowing what steps to take, there are those who would just brace it out, but others like to just smile it away. Well, the latter is a better option since smiling is a positive reaction that can help more than losing your temper.
In other words, this is rudeness in the highest order of the word. People are usually left with no choice but to go through it all without questioning. Make sure you smile genuinely at them, but not with a forced smile. One principle of life is that a smile will attract another smile. It is the only option in handling such people, since if you were to lose your temper it would just make things worse.
Once you get to penetrate that tough facade to know them better; these people are actually just soft hearted and their hard stance is normally to deal with something you no one can discern.
You might turn out to be one in a million when you seek to make a difference in this world. Do not do what everyone else would do, choose to be different by showing him love instead of hatred like the others would be tempted to.
His behavior could be running against the norm but still nobody out there really knows what is going on inside these people's heads. Several issues may come to mind - insecurity, naivety, arrogance, nervousness and so forth. It means the man may be having some tough underlying problems to deal with.
In fact as soon as you begin to understand the issues behind this guy's behavior, you will then begin to see him as a normal person with problems that need solving. That is why instead of showing him hatred, you would rather he got some help. You would then begin to understand what makes them tick and if deep inside they are actually lovable.

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