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duminică, 27 februarie 2011

How to Get Testimonials for Your Web Site

How to Get Testimonials for Your Web Site
If you want to turn more prospects into customers, you have to get their trust before they will buy products. However, you can't go online and brag about your product because this is not effective. Instead, you must get good comments and feedback from the customers that you already have so that you new customers will see that they are truly content. In the following article we will examine some wonderful suggestions that will help you to get great testimonials from your customers.
Make sure you're having different kind of testimonials for different products/services. If your site offers multiple products and services having different target audiences, you'll need to arrange your testimonials accordingly. What we're mainly talking about are those instances whereby you are dealing with traffic for multiple kinds of offers. This is not uncommon at all because you may have a range of ebooks on a page, and then on other pages you offer other services. So in order to diversify, you should have testimonials coming from your specified customers instead of spreading the same broad level comments all over the site. The impact will be greater when people are reading about a product and the testimonial is right there for them to see.
Remember that testimonials are more effective along with a picture. You really can add a lot to the social proof aspect by including a nice photo of the customer with the testimonial. There have been surveys done which prove that having a picture with testimonial made a huge difference to the way people perceive it. You'll find that most customers will be agreeable to the request for a photo, but not all will.
Last but not the least; remember that when you're collecting testimonials, they should be from similar people. You'll create a much greater impact if your audience actually is able to identify with the people in the testimonials. It's just human nature that people react more positively when that bond is created, and they'll be more likely to buy from you. That feeling of comfort will translate into less sales resistance, and you know what that means.
All in all, from the above article we come to understand that getting valid testimonials from your customers isn't really that difficult. We think you see how easy this can be, and it's just a few simple actions you need to take.

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