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sâmbătă, 26 februarie 2011

How to Setup Internal Links

How to Setup Internal Links
Internal links are hyperlinks that point to different pages on a website. Setting up internal links within a website gives the site more exposure and credibility. Websites that have a lot of links that point to multiple internal pages within that site creates a more legitimate look and feel.
The way you setup links within your website is very simple. Just take several keywords that are in your articles and create a hyperlink that leads to other pages within your site that relates to those keywords.
It's important to make your keyword into a hyperlink rather than posting multiple url's in your articles. Search engines take special notice to the amount of keywords that link to various pages in your site. Url's don't carry as much weight with the search engines.
On top of your internal linking efforts you'll want to link to external sites as well. This is especially important if you have additional sites that you own or want to promote. If you setup links that point to your additional sites then it will help to build credibility and drive traffic to those sites. The search engines pay special attention to the amount of backlinks that point to a particular site.
The search engines put a heavy amount of weight on the number of links that point to a website. If there's a lot of backlinks that point to a particular website then that shows the search engines that the website is important and relevant.
So on top of setting up internal links make sure you link to other sites you that you want to promote as well.
I highly recommend purchasing a plugin called Seo Pressor if you're running your website on Wordpress. This tool will remind you to setup an internal link within all of your posts. Seo Pressor will also make sure that you setup alt tags for all of your images, add rel nofollow to external links, add h1, h2, and h3 tags to every post, and it will automatically font decorate your keywords. If you want to achieve top seo rankings then all of these steps are very important to follow.
Just remember that your site will look more credible with visitors and the search engines if you have multiple links going to the different pages on your website.

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