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miercuri, 16 februarie 2011

How To Work Out What Spec Dedicated Servers You Need For Webhosting

How To Work Out What Spec Dedicated Servers You Need For Webhosting
Each person has their own reasons for choosing to work with dedicated server as opposed to other options. The most three important reasons for business owners and other people in this regard are performance, control and security. A dedicated server will effectively offer all three in a manner that will please and satisfy clients. When you have been satisfied that dedicated servers are your best choice, the next thing is to figure out the server specifications that will suit you. You should do some research and come up with parameters that will help you decide on the server specifications.
However there is no single known formula to calculate the server specs needed for your server. The resource requirements are determined by what your website will require now and in the near future. It is best to work with specifications that can serve you for a minimum of twelve months. It is more expensive when you need to upgrade to higher specs in a period less than twelve months. Resource requirements will be determined by the programming language used to develop your website, traffic that is expected, data storage space , processes to be handled by the site and other related concerns.
Anyone who has an interest in server hosting has five important specifications that they should consider. You will need to begin by considering the operating system to run your server. This will largely depend on the programming languages that are used to develop your site. There are those that work with both Windows as well as Linux hosting while others can only work with one of these systems. Consult your administrator to find out the kind of system that they are more familiar with. The next thing to consider should be your processor capacity.
The processes that are executed on your website will be a key consideration here. Game and chat websites will require very powerful processors. Bandwidth will be another key consideration. The choice you make should match the traffic to be handled as well as data volume. Your dedicated server should have sufficient bandwidth to comfortably serve your clients. Memory is another consideration that will influence the speed at which your website loads. Higher memory for your site will deliver better speeds for your clients. Lastly you need to ensure you have enough data storage space on your server. Websites that involve a lot of data collection will require higher storage capacity.
Have enough capacity on these five specifications to ensure that the dedicated server delivers the performance you need. Enough capacity is critical but there is no need to have excess capacity that you do not need. When a dedicated server has an excess capacity, your business will be incurring a loss of since you will be paying for resources you do not need. There are other aspects of a dedicated server such as pricing, reporting and the level of support which should also be given sufficient attention.

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