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miercuri, 16 februarie 2011

Is the Wii 2 going to be better?

Is the Wii 2 going to be better?
The Wii2 has been announced by Nintendo and when the news was uploaded on the internet, it caused a massive feedback to be offered by the millions of fans around the world who will soon look for the best Nintendo Wii Deals of the console. Right now, Nintendo is the main competitor that overshadows Microsoft's and PlayStation's consoles, having the most sales achieved during the last year and it is still doing well.
Some years ago, if you were someone that had a SEGA, you were really lucky and some people, at the time, even though the project failed many years ago, they are still dreaming of the Dreamcast 2 console to be launched, yet this dream was obliterated when Sony launched their Play Station console. Everyone was just shattered, including journalists, analysts & of course, the competitors.
When it comes to the hardware that the Wii incorporates, it doesn't have enough power in order to last for a long time, yet one of the greatest advantages is that it makes use of Blue ray discs. So what does this mean to the competitors? Well, it means that if they have any plans that they are currently considering, they will just need to have them abandoned and think about launching something similar with the "toys" that the best company around offers nowadays: motion controllers.
The company has observed the fact that their new console has been the subject of heavy debate on forums and hardware websites and they wanted to clear out the dust and answer the question whether it will employ 3D technology or not. Satory Iwate, president of Nintendo, mentioned the 2nd generation will resemble the 1st in all aspects, but will have new hardware and 20 games for you to enjoy!

Sources are pinpointing that the new console will be out in 2011 or 2012. When it comes to 3D technology, Nintendo's president mentioned that they will only employ it of the 3D TV sets market will reach thirty percent. So it means that there will have to be many people to buy such TVs in order for them to launch a 3D Wii 2.

So what are your personal opinions about all of this? Can the other competitors stack up against Nintendo's fear machine and the new generation of nintendo wii games or will they fail and end up in disgrace?

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