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luni, 21 februarie 2011

Printer Cartridges - Conserve Ink And Save Money

Printer Cartridges - Conserve Ink And Save Money
If you work in an environment where printing is a frequent tasks than it is most likely that you already know all about the work involved in keeping the printer full of ink. This is often the most expensive thing you will have to buy for a printer. There are, however, some tips you can use to stretch your office supplies budget. Just knowing how to use your printer better or where to buy your printer cartridges can actually save a significant amount of money.
One of the simplest things you can do is prevent ink in the printer drum drying up. If you don't use a printer for a while the ink tends to dry out and the cartridge will have to be replaced. You can prevent this problem as long as you use the printer at least once a week.
You should also practice printing in the right printing mode with each document. If a page is only going to be used for a personal reason you can lower the resolution to conserve the amount of ink that will be used. If a document only needs to be in plain text it is also best to print in black only since this will keep the printer from using color ink when it does not need to.
Just by proofreading all of your documents well you will prevent you having to print a single item multiple times to get an error free copy. This is a great way to save ink and also saves paper at the same time. When you look at these small savings over time they grow to rather large ones.
These tips are all great ways to stretch your ink and save your cash. If you want to see some savings on the actual purchase of cartridges you will have to keep reading to find out more about that.
If you are a business owner that mainly prints high quality prints your best approach will be to purchase OEM cartridges since these are the ones that are produced buy the original manufacturer. The problem here is that this is the priciest option you can go with but for some businesses it's the best choice.
Compatible cartridges are also an option if they are made under OEM licensing at emulate the same quality. This is considerably less expensive than the first option but the problem is that not all cartridge types are available this way.
Lastly, you could opt for refurbished cartridges since this is the cheapest of all options. However, this option also comes with a higher risk of printing difficulties. One of the main problems encountered with this option is them being produced with skimped ink which can often result in clogging. They work great for tight budgets but you have to be prepared for problems and face the fact that it can sometimes end up being the more expensive route to take.
In essence, the best way to get more from an ink purchase is through buying compatible cartridges and taking every measure to conserve as much ink as possible when using the printer.

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