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luni, 7 februarie 2011

A Quick Look At Free Pet Games Online

A Quick Look At Free Pet Games Online
Free pet games online are a fun and exciting way to learn how to care for animals before you actually bring a live one home with you. These programs can also provide a means of having a virtual pet for those people who may live in a place where animals are not allowed. This virtual world can provide the education needed for learning how to take care of a pet, before bringing home the real thing.
These games can specialize in training a person on the proper way to groom their pet. Starting with how to give a dog a bath, and the methods to use in prevention of getting soapy water down inside the dog's ears. Then how to dry their coat so it isn't tangled, and to be sure and brush in the direction the hair grows.
Pets need their nails trimmed, but there are different methods and tools used than manicuring human nails. There can be detailed instructions of step-by-step explanation of how the dog's toenail grows, the names of the different parts of the foot, and how to prevent rough areas that can snag the furniture and clothing.
Many people associate dogs with doing tricks, like circus animals, but there are other lessons they need to learn before getting to showy. Basic obedience commands are given that your dog must learn, such as stay, sit and come when their name is called. Once they learn the basics, you can teach them all of the tricks and enjoy showing them off to your friends.
There are other animals that can be pets, and if you choose you can have a parrot that will teach you how to train them to talk, and do neat tricks. But, they also have grooming needs, and certain health issues which you will learn how to attend.
Most people think of fish as being those colorful little creatures that swim around in an aquarium and only need to be fed some flakes of fish food. However, fish have special needs, just like any other pet. You can play one game where you get to build your own virtual fish tank, design it, and then watch as you release the virtual fish into the tank.
Find out what it is like being a cattle rancher by creating a virtual herd, and ride horses to round up the cattle for vaccinations, and moving them to another pasture. Raise sheep for wool, and follow along with the rules on bathing and grooming livestock for going into the show room.
Turkeys, horses and camels are good choices for learning animal care, and you can show and tell your friends that you have a pet turkey. Everything you need to create the virtual world of animal husbandry is available through instructional format, and you can arrange and rearrange your farm, show center, even pet store, any way you wish, when playing your free pet games online.

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