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vineri, 18 februarie 2011

Six Sigma Training

Six Sigma Training
When you are looking to define six qualities of an average product, on both the plus and minus sides, then you need to use the Six Sigma method with which to train your management. The technical skills of those involved as well as the materials, instruments and methods are the product's different conditions. It is impossible, statistically, for the quality of the product to change if the process is monitored constantly..
For management to be aware of any difficulties in production, a hierarchy has to be established. The hierarchy should begin at the top level or management to the lower level.
The hierarchy should consist of the following people:
* Executive leaders that are made up of top level management that is responsible for creating the guidelines and policies to place the Six Sigma system in place.
* Champions are selected by the executive leaders from upper management who are responsible for seeing the Six Sigma system conducted the way that is has been envisioned; they are responsible for training those under them.
* Master Black Belts are chosen for the Champions to train in order that the policies set by the higher management ranks are understood and carried out by those under them.
* Black Belts are those that lead the rest in carrying out the principles of Six Sigma. They are trained by Master Black Belts and they see that every one adheres to the guidelines of the higher ranks.
* Green Belts and Yellow Belts are chosen from the actual work force, formally trained in Six Sigma philosophy by the Black Belts and are responsible to see that the lower rank employees conform to the system.
You need to be trained and obtain certification in order to be considered an expert in the Six Sigma process. You have to have certification in one or more of the many fields. There is an eight week course available that can be taken online or on site for the following programs:
* Six Sigma Master Certificate
* Six Sigma Healthcare Master Certificate
* Six Sigma Financial Services Master Certificate
* Six Sigma Information Technology Master Certificate
* Six Sigma Advanced Master Certificate
* Six Sigma Green Belt Certificate
* Six Sigma Green Belt Healthcare Certificate
* Six Sigma Green Belt Financial Services Certificate
* Six Sigma Green Belt Information Technology Certificate
* Lean Six Sigma Certificate
* Lean Six Sigma Black Belt Certificate
* Lean Six Sigma Master Black Belt Certificate
<b><a href="http://www.sixsigmatrainingguide.com/">Six Sigma</a></b> are the best management tools to keep your product of high quality. - <b><a href="http://www.sixsigmatrainingguide.com/">Six Sigma Certification</a></b>

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