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luni, 7 februarie 2011

Some iPad Apps That Are Definitely Worth Installing

Some iPad Apps That Are Definitely Worth Installing
The iPad is the popular new tablet computer from Apple. With so many apps available to entertain, how do you know which are the best? We've put together a guide of some of our favorites. NexFlix is a great app for people who like to watch television shows or movies while they're on the go. As long as you're in a wireless internet zone, the app allows you to stream content from thousands of TV shows and movies. Plus, if you already have a NetFlix account, the app is free.
If you're a fan of playing games while you're out and about, then you'll enjoy the Plants versus Zombies app. It's a fairly simple game that involves planting monstrous foliage in order to protect your 'house' from attack. It is, admittedly, a slightly weird concept but there's much more room to play it on the iPad than the iPhone, which makes it a massive improvement. It's won over twenty game of the year awards, so is massively popular. Plus it's in high definition and comes with a range of levels.
For those of you who like to keep up with the news wherever you are, then the iPad app for the New York Times Editor's Choice is a good one to go for. The electronic newspaper is not only clear and easy to read on the iPad, it's also free for the time being, making it a great little app. You can view articles, photos, videos and all the normal sections that come as part of the NYT, meaning you can access the paper anywhere.
If you're one of the many people who use social networking as a means of communicating and keeping in touch with your friends, then you'll love the iPad Tweetdeck app, which allows you to see posts from the massively popular site, Twitter. Tweetdeck allows you to access tweets from your tablet computer and has a similar column display to the desktop version. Choose from the 3 column horizontal display or the 2 column vertical display and keep up with your friends wherever you are.
Our final recommendation is for the food lovers among you. If you love recipes and want to be able to access them from your iPad whenever you want, then Epicurious is the app for you. It contains a great database of recipes and is free. What's not to like? You can choose from a range of food categories such as 'weeknight dinners', 'decadent desserts' and 'cool cocktails'. With over 3.5 million downloads so far, this app is clearly a winner.

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