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duminică, 20 februarie 2011

What Are The Skills That Make A Brilliant Motivational Speaker For An Event?

What Are The Skills That Make A Brilliant Motivational Speaker For An Event?
There are many factors that make a good keynote speaker. Some of those traits are more important than other skills. For those of you that have had the experience of seeing a keynote speaker, you will know while they are different, they have the same main skills. When thinking about it, only a brave person has the guts to address a crowd. That is whether the audience is small or large! I know I couldn't!
Keynote speakers are nothing without confidence. They simply couldn't do their job otherwise. Would you really listen to someone who shakes with fear throughout their speech? On the other hand, someone that delivers a speech in a clear, strong voice is someone you are more likely to listen to. You will be inspired by a confident speaker.
Knowing the subject matter may seem obvious, but it is vitally important for keynote speakers. They otherwise run the risk of being caught out. Knowledge and confidence go together. Also, it if any questions are asked at the end, the speaker knows they arent likely to be shown up! People listent to experts, and those that can offer them knowledge. It is after all, knowledge we all seek as human beings.
An entertaining speaker is always likely to fair better. No-one likes to be bored. Ok, you don't need to be a comedy speaker to deliver a serious message. The subject the speaker is talking about is irrelevant. If they can deliver it in an entertaining and where suitable, a humorous way, they are going to come across well to an audience. The speech will carry on after the event or conference this way.
Without structure, the audience are also going to be bored. That is why it is important to keep the audience on their toes. Participation is key. The audience can take part in the speech, ask them questions. Get them on stage and you will certainly have their attention. All in order to keep them hooked to your words.
The message you are putting across is vitally important. The audience should benefit from the speech. For example for a sales team, the message should be inspirational and goal based. For the less confident, offer them help to get over their anxiety. The message needs to be strong enough so that the audience remember it not just after they leave, but for a long time afterwards.
Keynote speakers that are able to do this are generally considered the most successful. Accordingly they are the ones that charge massive rates for a single speech.

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