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miercuri, 2 martie 2011

The Future Of Customized Ashtrays Unearthed

The Future Of Customized Ashtrays Unearthed
Quit smoking is distressing for those people who are extraordinarily dependent on cigarettes. It is like taking one part of their body. In order for a certain smoking individual to take it out of their system, it requires are major operation and it takes a very arduous process. No wonder why there are so many smokers around the globe and the cigarette and tobacco industry is a billion dollar industry. Without a doubt, it has made simple entrepreneurs the most influential moguls of such business and it has also made promotional ashtrays as effective promotional merchandise.
Promotional ashtrays are not just your typical ashtrays that you can catch sight of in some smoking hubs, bars and portions where smoking is legit. Such product is frequently taken for granted because its sole purpose is to keep ashes. Nonetheless, there are so many custom imprinted ashtrays that can be used in the name of promotion and they come in great designs. Here are the futuristic custom printed ashtrays that you can think of.
Flashing Ashtrays
Yes, there are blinking ashtrays that are infused with LED lights to make it even more attractive preeminently in bars where the lights are dim. It would be a nice gimmick because your brand will assuredly be a head turner in such case. Infuse a variety of color in it and make your brand building even brighter than the sun.
Ash Free Ashtrays
In the future, we forecast that custom made ashtrays will also be infused with a little technology on it. Now, you can take joy in ash free ashtrays. How does it work? All the byproducts of your lit cigarettes will be placed inside tiny area within the custom ashtray. The laser technology inside these items will dissolve the ashes into fine dust that cannot be seen by the naked eye. Isn't that a nice innovation?
Computer Ashtrays
It might sound ridiculous but a computer ashtray will indubitably make a deafening buzz among the tech community. Aside from keeping your ashes, you are able to check out your social networking sites and your blogs spending the holographic monitor that you can navigate through the power of your fingers and your voice.
Unquestionably, the power of the mind is limitless. So permanently keep imagining. But it would be possible if you live your life strong and healthy without the harmful effects of cigarettes on your body. Love your life, don't smoke it away.

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