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joi, 3 martie 2011

How To Make Palatable Matcha Latte

How To Make Palatable Matcha Latte
The spring season is coming and that only means that summer is soon to follow. Summer is truly the hottest season for the whole year and we should hold on to good health and stick to our balanced diet. Some of us might have a contract with themselves to lose weight this year. Well, positively some of them failed, but don't worry, you still have a few months before every one heads to the beach and flaunt those sexy bodies and chiseled torsos.
One method of getting healthy is to drink tea because of its benefits to health like anti-oxidants that helps fight aging and flushes out toxins. However not each one loves the taste of freshly brewed tea. Thank goodness, there is Matcha tea. It is an instant tea powder that comes from Japan that has that special Asian flavor that you will absolutely love. If you want that kind of invigorating drink on your personalized latte mugs, go ahead and make a cupful of such tea that you can bestow a little Western flare.
Materials Needed:
Matcha powder Milk Honey (optional) Customized Latte Mugs Stirrer
Step One. Take a teaspoonful of Matcha powder and dissolve it in a teaspoon of hot water using a promotional latte mug or a traditional Japanese ceramic tea bowl.
Step Two. In a bigger bowl, whisk the tea powder and water mixture until the colossal lumps are absolutely dissolved. You should always remember that you need the smooth consistency for such kind of mixture. Set it aside first.
Step Three. In a separate container, heat the milk slowly and elicit a whisk and stir the milk until it simmers. Continuously stir the milk until it becomes full and frothy.
Step Four. In your highly own promotional latte mugs, you can add other flavoring to your Matcha mixture like honey to make it sweet. Pour in the milk slowly and mix it manipulating a stirrer or a whisk. You should always remember not to add too much milk on your drink so it will not overpower the tea goodness and flavor. Lastly, you can also forge a latte art on your tea latte. You can constantly check the internet for reference.

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