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marți, 1 martie 2011

Three Sorts Of Places That Would Benefit From Having A 360 Virtual Tour On Their Website

Three Sorts Of Places That Would Benefit From Having A 360 Virtual Tour On Their Website
A 360 virtual tour is the very best way to enhance a website. While words and pictures might speak a thousand words, a 360 virtual tour speaks millions! There is nothing quite letting a web visitor wander through and explore your venue as if they were there. What kind of venues normally go for a 360 virtual tour? Here are three good examples.
Virtual tours for schools are highly recommended if the school can afford it. Where as a tour company is relatively inexpensive, for state schools it depends on their budget. A fee paying school on the other hand will often have the resources to invest. A 360 tour for a school can give the parents a taster for the facilities. You can view everything from the sports fields to the assembly hall. Imagine being able to show off the sports facilities to parents of athletically gifted children.
A university would definitely benefit from a tour. Imagine a historic university being able to show off their architecture and history in all its glory. Universities have healthy budgets these days to entice potential students to take a place with them. Any university with a tour on its website will have that little bit extra over its competitors.
It was hotels and then conference centres that first took advantage of tours. Back in the day the quality wasn't fantastic, with images stuck together to form a 360 panoramic view. These days the technology has come on in leaps and bounds. You can see every last bit of a historic hotel. HD technology lets you tour the hotel and see every last detail. In the hotel industry, appearance is everything. Would you be more impressed by a collection of photos, or a virtual tour.
Football has changed completely over the last ten years. You could once go see your football team for the price of a bag of chips. These days its cheaper to stay a night in a hotel! With footballer's wages these days, the clubs have to squeeze out every penny by putting on for example, tours. A typical tour involves a visit of the dressing room, trophy room and the tunnel. A panoramic tour can give a real taster of this and entice those fans to part with their hard earned money.
It doesn't matter what you do, your website will be enhanced by a virtual tour. There are many different companies to choose from. Most virtual tour companies will even host the virtual tour for you, working with your website designer to integrate the tour on your website. Once done, you should see all the benefits of virtual tour technology.

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