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marți, 1 martie 2011

Will The Public Really Get To Watch TV Shows Online Free?

Will The Public Really Get To Watch TV Shows Online Free?
So, what will the quality be on your computer screen or your cellphone? Not what you'd get at home on your TV. So, yet, it's possible to watch TV shows online free. But in one way or another, such as having to watch commercials or sacrifice quality, the viewer pays.
One of the biggest problems encountered by those trying to get free online TV from the various services that can be found on the Internet is viruses and all sorts of other nasty stuff that hackers like to dump on the unsuspecting computer owner. Sad to say, but people with foul motives are providing "free" TV streaming purely so they can infect your computer.
So, is that "free?" Is it really free if you have to sit through constant commercial interruptions? The average 30-minute situation-comedy today only consists of 17 minutes of programming. The other 13 minutes are spent trying to convince the viewer that they can't live without this or that product.
So, is it really obnoxious if the ordinary ad breaks are gone -- but the viewer does have to watch a short 30-second "word from our sponsor" before the episode will play? Such quick ad times mean that users may not get as fed up as on ordinary TV. And face it, providers have to pay their bills. Online television isn't going to survive, after all, unless it can make a profit.
So, is it really all that annoying if the usual ads are gone -- but the viewer has to endure a short commercial before the show? Such quick ads mean relief from the constant barrage of marketing every ten minutes on broadcast television. But the networks do have to meet their expenses; online television must be profitable if it is going to survive.
But there are legitimate providers out there. They employ various technologies to provide free Internet TV. The British Broadcasting Company uses a very common video software -- which is available free from its manufacturer -- to provide its streaming video clips. But what about quality? Can television playing on your PC really compete with the networks? The quality of both the video and audio certainly suffer. Should you attempt high definition on your home computer, it will require faster connection speeds and a higher bandwidth. So, what will the quality be on your PC or cellphone? Nothing like what you'll receive at home on your living room television.

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