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joi, 12 ianuarie 2012

Advantages Of PS3 Rapid Fire Mod

Advantages Of PS3 Rapid Fire Mod

by Cathleen Lara

PS3 rapid fire mod is needed because serious gamers need something that's fast reacting when they're playing action and war games. It can prove to be beneficial and many people already use it to their advantage. There are some common problems associated with it including it getting stuck and other minor glitches. The pros and cons will be further explained as you read.

The modded controller allows the user to shoot and reload faster than ever. This means you'll spend more time shooting and killing than being killed or injured yourself. The main complaint is that the button is prone to get stuck if not installed properly. However, the advantages certainly outweigh the bad when talking about rapid fire.

The button has its greatest use when you're facing fierce combat because it allows you to shoot and reload automatically. This is why it has become increasingly popular among true gamers. There are alternatives such as being killed, but that's not nearly as much fun as one man taking on an entire army.

Many players view the modification as cheating or unfair. However, so many people are using it nowadays that not having it is unfair. If money and winning are your priority, then you are not going to settle for anything less because you'll be wasting time otherwise. Your modded controller can also be made with any design or color you'd like.

You can choose your own color, design, theme, back lighting, and more. Creators are inventing more options to choose from all the time. Note, you'll get the best out of your mod by employing a good game strategy. The modded controller alone won't win battles.

You now understand some basics about the PS3 rapid fire mod that'll help you make an informed decision. The modification greatly increases performance when operating firearms. It does have minor drawbacks, but the pros greatly outweigh them. It's now time to weigh the advantages and disadvantages for yourself and make a winning choice. <A href="http://www.rapidmodz.com">ps3 rapid fire mod</A>

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