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joi, 26 ianuarie 2012

The Benefits Of An Integrated Time Clock System

The Benefits Of An Integrated Time Clock System

by David Young

Calculating payroll is one of the biggest time users and the one item on your company's operating budget that is likely the biggest line item in your budget. You certainly need to look at your bottom line in all areas and while you don't want to chop employees to save money you can certainly look at ways to save money in the way your human resources department performs its payroll duties. One way to do this is by the integration of your time clock and your payroll processing information. Through the use of integrated payroll systems and electronic time clocks, your human resources department can spend time on other duties. Integrated time clocks help you enhance efficiencies and accuracy while saving money. Electronic time clocks take the guesswork out of payroll and lessens the valuable time your human resources department spends calculating the payroll and cutting the checks.

Integrating your time tracking software into your payroll processing system frees up valuable employee time on payroll duties. When you decide to use an integrated time clock and payroll system you also allow your employees the peace of mind of knowing that there will not be errors in the paychecks. Automated time clocks also offer employees access to their time sheets so they can not only look and see the number of hours they've worked but they can also track their accumulated days off and vacation time used.

Another time and money saver with an integrated time clock is the idea that you will not only save the time and money on having to buy and maintain the time clock but you will also save money on purchasing the physical time cards themselves. Keep in mind that a company has to store all time records for up to seven years and you can see that if you have a lot of employees, the storage of time cards could be an issue as well.

In case you need more convincing, here are some other things to keep in mind with an integrated time clock and payroll system. In the past, your employees could have been able to punch other friends in and out - regardless of whether they put in a full day. Off site or telecommuting employees can also simply log into the time clock system with a unique ID and their hours are tracked electronically. Once they clock in and out, the information is sent to the payroll system automatically and is gathered and stored until payroll has been processed.

When it comes time to performing the payroll task it is almost as simple as punching a few numbers and pulling all of the employee information into the integrated time clock system and running the payroll for the time period specified.

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