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duminică, 15 ianuarie 2012

Cloud Pbx for Small Business

Cloud Pbx for Small Business

by Yvonne Brixey

Cloud PBX is a fairly new term in the business world. Cloud PBX is also fairly new technology, Let's talk about what cloud pbx is and what it can do for your business.

Cloud pbx is a business phone system that runs on the internet. It is sometimes called business voip or hosted voip. All these terms refer to sending voice over internet protocol, which is the technology that drives the internet. So that brings up the first benefit of cloud pbx, the fact that it can run on your standard business internet connection. This means that your business does not need to install or pay for separate phone lines in order to have high quality phone service. Cloud pbx services are just as reliable as traditional phone services, yet cost less because they don't require additional hardware. The amount of hardware needed in your office is very minimal, really just a small box to convert the signal from a traditional phone to the digital form for the internet. If everyone in your office uses a voip phone or soft phone, your hardware requirements may be zero.

The first business voip services often installed a pbx box in your office. Modern cloud pbx services maintain the pbx system "in the cloud", ie out on the internet, usually at the service providers office. This system has several benefits to it. First is the reduced hardware requirement in your own office. Second, the pbx system for your business can route calls to multiple office locations. This is a great benefit to a growing business, as there will be no setup time for the phone system in a new office. Just plug a voip phone into the internet connection at the new office, and it works just like a normal extension phone at the main office.

Nowadays there are many service providers for cloud pbx systems. Googling "cloud pbx" will turn up quite a list. The services they offer match those of traditional phone service, and in some ways exceed traditional phone service. Some of the services offered to small business thru a cloud pbx system are only available to larger business with a traditional phone system. This type of service includes detailed information about where and when calls are made to your office. A growing business needs to know what the incoming call load is, so that you can maximize your staffing needs. And knowing where calls are coming from will help you analyze your sales and marketing. This kind of service can be available instantly from your desktop. Thus, with the click of a mouse, you can analyze the pattern of your calls, by time of day, day of week, or geographic location. This is wonderful benefit of a cloud pbx phone service.

So cloud pbx phone services offer a wide range of benefits at reduced cost for small business. There is less hardware involved, so that maintenance is simpler and cheaper. The fact that the voip service is digital makes a range of features available that might not be offered to your business from a traditional phone service. With reduced costs and full featured services, cloud pbx is a modern business tool that every small business owner should be aware of.Cloud Pbx for Small Business

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