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duminică, 29 ianuarie 2012

Confidential Conversions Review - Must Know Information

Confidential Conversions Review - Must Know Information

by Rhea Tucker

With enough research, you can figure out how to make cash online with different approaches, however CPA marketing has been around for years and is still a viable strategy if you're knowledgeable about it. The CPA marketers at the top of their game are earning thousands in CPA profits every day of the week. Philip Mansour, veteran of affiliate/CPA marketing, developed this course we're discussing today, Confidential Conversions. The purpose of this course is to allow anyone with enough motivation to engage in CPA and become successful. Philip will show you techniques used specifically for CPA advertising that the average marketer has no idea about. But there's something different about this. One huge area of concern for all marketers is traffic, you'll be shown real insider stuff about PPC advertising sources totally unknown to the mass of marketers. However, in what precise way is Confidential Conversions unique from other CPA educational products? First of all, it doesn't give you just general information that is of no use. You'll learn detailed approaches that can be used, today. You'll see how you can easily optimize your various PPC campaigns to achieve max ROI. You'll also understand why it's necessary to optimize your campaigns. You'll be getting 3 video modules containing over 30 high quality videos that are specifically targeted towards marketers who have never succeed with CPA or had little success. So now we'll go into the three modules so you can have a better idea about the course.

Module 1: Network Traffic Reconnaissance - You can earn outstanding revenue from PPC platforms that are much less expensive than Bing or Google, even if the smaller networks cannot directly compete with the biggies. This first module is all about the smaller ad networks and how you can set-up PPC campaigns to get the biggest bang from your investment dollars, or whatever your currency.

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Module 2: Mobile Match Maker - You can become one of the few marketers who knows how to market to the mobile crowd and actually make money. You'll get to understand what it takes to choose the right offer for the mobile networks so that you can get the highest return on your investment. You'll also enjoy low ad spend because this area of marketing is not saturated with ppc marketers.

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Module 3: Artificially Organic - This is kind of secret, but Philip shows you white hat methods to sort of perform a hijacking of search results and get excellent positions. Don't confuse this for search engine optimization, it's far from that. In fact, it shows you how certain websites can help you get targeted visitors coming your way.

In conclusion, Confidential Conversions is a very straightforward CPA course that aims to make things clear for you, unlike the other courses that make things confusing. We feel it's certainly worth it.

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