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marți, 10 ianuarie 2012

Develop new ways of thinking to help you develop new ideas to expand your business

Develop new ways of thinking to help you develop new ideas to expand your business

by Stephane Kolinsky

Are you in business? Do you find it tricky to do things that help you get ahead?

Maybe it is a challenge because your business' growth and turnover have just reached a particular level and stalled.

Having long established rivals with dominant positions in your local and online niche can also be an obstacle. One that many enterprises might never appear to get over.

If you're in business and you find it complicated to get ahead then these thoughts are for you. I'm going to share couple of ways of thinking that I embrace to help me stay positive and stay resourceful as I get my business successfully running.

<b> Listen to people that have a different perspective </b>

You will have to use common sense here. But if you have fought to a get in front then you have to have your way of seeing things challenged.

<b> Shine light on those business blind spots </b>

Everyone has them. Things we all know we should know a lot more about but we just don't have the time. These are your blind spots. Marketing blind spots could be <a href="http://www.springboardoutsourcing.co.uk">online marketing, mobile marketing</a>, QR Codes, mobile websites, SMS marketing, or Local Search Optimization.

Go to YouTube and do some digging. Browse the videos people have put up explaining these subject areas.

<b> Get informed </b>

Accelerate your learning by becoming better at finding high quality content associated with areas that you need to get even more informed about.

How do you do this? Use Google to find out more about semantic search, social book marking and blogs.

Open a bookmark folder in your browser, one for each area of interest. Put in two sub folders for 'News ', 'Tools ', 'and Learning'. Use this bookmarking technique to put together online resources to help become more informed.

By doing these straightforward things you'll become more aware and resourceful as you look for new ideas to grow your business.

By Stephane Kolinsky founder of Springboard Outsourcing: <a href="http://www.springboardoutsourcing.co.uk">Web site and Mobile Web site Development Plymouth, Devon</a>. Complete range of <a href="http://www.springboardoutsourcing.co.uk/springboard-services/">marketing and local marketing services</a> provided.

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