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sâmbătă, 28 ianuarie 2012

Do Not Waste Money - Choose the Best Android Apps

Do Not Waste Money - Choose the Best Android Apps

by Jacobi Malavo

Playing with all of the different phone applications is part of the fun of owning a smart phone. The type of smart phone you buy isn't really all that important--there are applications for pretty much all of them. Android users, in particular, have a large library of apps to play with.

In spite of its name, Greed is a very affordable app for Android. It sounds like it is meant for money but it is not. Greed is an app that keeps up with RSS feeds. This application doesn't even cost three dollars and it allows you to track and to share all of the feeds that you've put in to your Google Reader. When you want to keep track of all of your regular internet sites, this app helps you do that--it's great for blog fans! You can easily keep up with every single post and story. In addition to allowing you to read your feeds even when your phone is offline, it also helps you manage podcasts and connect to twitter.

Greed is an affordable paid Android application. It sounds like it is meant for money but it is not. Greed is an app that keeps up with RSS feeds. For less than three bucks you will be able to integrate your Google Reader seamlessly into your Android phone. If you like to read blogs or news sites, this app will help you keep track of all of the latest updates from your favorite sites. You won't ever have to worry that you are missing someone's story or post. You will even be able to read your feeds when your phone isn't connected to the internet and you can use it to listen to podcasts and connect with twitter.

It saves you from having to check multiple bank accounts when you want to check your balances as well as track your spending trends. Lost of people think that every game application should be free.

PhonePlus Callback is not a "must have" but it is certainly a top paid Android application for people who are afraid of appearing rude when they need to refuse phone calls. Three dollars is all you will pay for this app. The basic idea here is that the application sends text messages of apology to each phone number that you refuse to answer. This helps you save face when you are in a situation where you have to refuse a call. When the number dialing you is not a mobile phone, the app will send an apology e-mail instead of a text. These are only a couple of the top paid Android applications out there for you to select from. More and more are being created every day. The main focus behind selecting paid app is to discover if there is not a free app that will be just as beneficial. If you don't discover a comparable free application, you can purchase the more expensive application with a clear head. Don't forget to think at least twice prior to wasting your money on a paid application. You don't want to throw your money down the drain if you don't have to!

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