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vineri, 13 ianuarie 2012

Essential Answers To Questions On Solar Power

Essential Answers To Questions On Solar Power

by Noah Dan

Think about how much money you pay each month to the electric company. You pay someone for light, and electric power to cook from and get your entertainment from. You pay them for the comfort of being hot or cold with your heater or air conditioner. These are the basic necessities of life: light, cooking food, comfort, and more that you get from having electricity in your home. But why should you have to pay for electricity when you can get solar power that comes from out natural light source: the sun.

Many people often shrug, feeling small and helpless; however, there are many things that we can improve by changing or adopting one small thing a day in our lifestyles and we can start by finding answers to questions on solar power.

The next logical question on solar power is how you can use it to power your home, office and other parts of your life, such as the RV when you go on a camping trip and the answer to that is: through solar panels kits that can be installed to your home or office roof, along with solar power invertors, through which the solar energy is transformed into power that can be used for domestic and industrial purposes.

There are four components to a system using solar power for residential use. They are the solar panels, charge controller, storage batteries and a converter. From there, household appliances are plugged in and the home is running on solar power. How much power the home has is determined by a couple of factors, primarily it is all relative to the system's positioning, as it requires direct sunlight, and the number and size of the solar panel arrays being used.

Many states today will support and even help finance a solar power project, whether it is residential or commercial, as the need to save energy and have a better world increases everyday; so, don

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