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joi, 26 ianuarie 2012

Finding The Best Law Firm In Singapore

Finding The Best Law Firm In Singapore

by Sandy Carter

Singapore residents have to options when they need legal representation. It's either they hire an independent lawyer or visit a law firm. Both have stereotypical assumptions. A freelance lawyer gives more personalized service, but their experience is very limited since the legal field consists of many subsections. On the other hand, law firms handle a lot of cases and therefore may not consider you a priority. However, they are home to the most competent professionals in the country.

Usually, law firms intend to provide a wide array of lawful counsel to individuals or corporations that are subject to criminal and civil actions. They render premium level of service so if you find yourself needing a criminal lawyer, you are guaranteed that they take the responsibility of all the investigatory and procedural aspects of the offense. If you have a corporate mishap, you also need not worry because they exhaust all their commercial and legal expertise to achieve your desired results.

Law firms in the country today undergoes expansion as they try to be of service to all types of clients, from individuals to corporations, from those with civil cases to those with criminal offenses.

Firms offer legal representation on personal matters related to wills, properties, and debts; family issues like divorce; and of course business matters such as purchases, licenses, labor and employment, etc. They also cater to immigrants so if you have concerns on citizenship and PR applications, entrepreneur pass applications and work permit, their team of dependable associates are the ones to talk to. Most firms actually provide free consultation to their clients during the first meeting, so make sure to ask all the possible questions related to your legal needs.

For corporate clients: For commercial matters such as share purchase agreements and shareholder agreements, licensing, distribution agreements, incorporation of companies and contracts, you can count on their law associates for the legal work. Firms in Singapore also extend their corporate legal services for employment law, litigation, debt recovery, and corporate law.

So if you are still looking for the best lawyers in Singapore, you already know the kind of law firms to look for.

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