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joi, 12 ianuarie 2012

Floating Turbidity Curtains - Permeable Vs . Non-Permeable

Floating Turbidity Curtains - Permeable Vs . Non-Permeable

by John K Hoviner

The difference from a Permeable and Non-Permeable Floating Turbidity Curtain is very easy. A Permeable Floating Turbidity Curtain incorporates a filter fabric in to the skirt enabling water to pass by while containing the silt in the work area. A Non-Permeable Turbidity Curtain possesses a solid vinyl skirt therefore it will not let water to flow through.

When must a Permeable vs. Non-Permeable Floating Turbidity Barrier be utilized?

A Permeable Floating Turbidity Curtain is frequently used and suitable for applications that need water to flow through just like streams, ports, beaches, bays and locations which have tidal alterations. During these applications it's particularly important to permit the water to pass though to be able to avoid the existing (flow) from putting excessive load/stress on the product. One more reason to allow water to flow although below these applications is to prevent "Ballooning" of the skirt. Ballooning is exactly what it states, the current will induce to skirt to balloon out and lift therefore stopping the proper containing, trapping and settling of silt or sediment. The skirt of a Permeable Floating Turbidity Curtain will have about 80% filter fabric (as illustrated on the photo above left) it doesn't matter how deep the skirt might be. Example: if the skirt is twenty ft deep, about 16 ft will be filter fabric.

A standard or Non-Permeable Floating Turbidity Curtain is most normally used and recommended for applications where the water is peaceful and there's very little current such as in ponds as well as lakes. In these applications we do not have to be worrying regarding allowing water flow through. The standard or Non-Permeable Floating Turbidity Barrier's skirt comprises a solid vinyl all throughout it (no filter fabric).

A regular or Non-Permeable Floating Turbidity Barrier is probably the most widespread form of Floating Turbidity Barrier stipulated by Departments of Transportation (DOT's) all throughout the USA. The reason is really easy, we have numerous water ways or bodies of water that have very little or no current at all, hence this is all that is needed to properly contain and have settle any kind of silt or sediment that has been stirred up.

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