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sâmbătă, 21 ianuarie 2012

The Global Domains International Inc Review - Get The Facts About GDI

The Global Domains International Inc Review - Get The Facts About GDI

by Thomas Salatto

Google is considered to be one of the best providers of applications since Google has provided easy to use apps for business owners who want to reduce costs and increase profits. Listed below are a few things you should know about Google apps for domains also known as Google apps for Business.

Over 40 million users are currently using these apps for domains and over 4 million businesses are using these as well. This number continuous to grow every day since the apps for domains offer productivity solutions that are not only easy to deploy but also don't require the regular maintenance as desktop programs do. These applications are said to meet business owner's current needs and are most likely to improve with time. The applications offered by Google for domains are reliable and created using a technology which is built keeping security concerns in mind. These applications allow employees from one organization to communicate with other employees from the same organization seamlessly despite geographical or linguistic barriers.

Then you need to start copying and pasting the domain names into your browser. Some will come up as live domains, some will be clearly identified as parked domains and yet more will fall into a no-mans land. Kind of the scrap heap of the internet.

For prospecting purposes both email leads and telephone verified business opportunity leads are vacant for sale to affiliates who can't produce their own leads. The affiliate also receives a personalized website to introduce the opportunity online and when a prospect follows a link in an email they are taken to the presentation, they are shown an animated video about the company and are then presented a seven day free trial to get started. The ongoing cost to continue an active affiliate is ten US dollars per month.

A useful tool is archive.org. This allows you to go back in time and see what has (or more often, hasn't) been done with the domain in the past. Another useful site is domaintools.com which allows you to see the domain's history. Things like previous owners, changes of name servers, etc. All of these will give you clues that will help you to buy parked domains.

So where do you start with building a large team of affiliates in your network? The first and most crucial part to building a huge team in GDI is having an unlimited source of new leads to talk to about GDI every day and and the very last thing you want to do is buy leads from the company because with the tiny commission that you are going to start out with you can't afford to be spending that on buying leads, so what do you do?

Remember, these apps can not only be used via desktops or notebooks but also via tablet computers, Android phones, iPhones and BlackBerry phones. Google apps for domains are built for teams and the 24/7 customer service option ensures that businesses never have to slow down even if they face minor problems.

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