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duminică, 8 ianuarie 2012

Good For My Family - Car Phone Mount Review

Good For My Family - Car Phone Mount Review

by Brandon Anderson

It is also easy to put the iPhone on it and remove it. I like the two "legs" on which I can support the iPhone (in vertical mode). Just don't plan to drive over gravel roads and you'll be fine. Just like many people, my android phone gets hot sometimes, really hot! I use it for my Incredible, and it doesn't block the charging port or depress the volume buttons, although the clamps do cover the lower button. I'm using a tough silicone case on my phone, so that may provide a little more resistance to the button being depressed. I can't tell you how many times I've almost crashed because I was watching my phone in my lap to know where to go to my next job. Now that it's in front of my face it is no problem.

This is one of those products. It is well thought out and well executed.

I really like the design idea, but I do not like the material, it is hard plastic, very easy to break, or get melted under high heat from direct sun. Works really well, holds my Epic phone without fail. The suction clip is apparently designed to be used with the plate. The distance between the cup and the back of the cradle is so short (and limited as well in angle) that mounting on a wind shield basically doesn't work. Works great. It holds my HTC Evo 4g one of the biggest phones out there and it fits it great. Don't turn hard or your phone will end up under the gas pedal. I've had navigation systems and was not pleased with the suction cups.

It is the kind of quality I'd expect from a mount costing three times the price. I purchased this mount to hold my Galaxy S II while I'm driving so that I could make use of the phone's navigation system. So, thumbs up for the safety aspect. I picked up one for my Droid X.

I purchased this for my Droid X. The X fits allowing access to the USB port for charging.

It has strong adhesion to my dashboard (VW New Beetle) without using the included 3M pad. Nice and sturdy construction. Other than that, great product I use this case with my EVO. I have it clipped to my vent and I have not had a problem with it yet.

However, I purchased it on March 17th and it's already fallen apart - the plastic has completely disintegrated on the windshield mount where the angle adjustment knob attaches and the phone no longer stays in place. The air vent component still works, but it doesn't sit very well in my car and blocks the air vent completely (I'm using it with an iPhone) I can return it to the company for a replacement for $9 plus shipping - I only paid $15 for it at Amazon so that seems crazy.

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