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joi, 12 ianuarie 2012

Hand Strength Key In Jiu Jitsu Training

Hand Strength Key In Jiu Jitsu Training

by Adriana Noton

Mixed martial arts or MMA is gaining in worldwide notoriety, televised across the world. People who participate or fight in MMA sports events often require basic martial arts knowledge. Learning the handy techniques of Jiujitsu training can give a competitor an edge.

Jiujitsu, also called jujutsu, is a martial art-form that originated in Japan. Despite having Japanese roots, it's original influence is said to come from China. Since its creation, jujutsu has spread all over the world, creating many forms of school around the art and especially becoming popular in Brazil.

Long ago in fourteenth century Japan, an ancient type of warrior called Samurai found themselves on the battlefield facing enemies in quarters that were too close to allow them to draw their traditional long swords. The Samurai had to use their short swords and daggers and sometimes even their hands. This was the very beginning of what is often referred to as old style Japanese jujutsu and how it began.

It wasn't until the seventeenth century that a Chinese man apparently taught three famous Japanese ronin, or Bushi who had no lords, how to fight with specific moves to help them in close combat. The grappling techniques they learned had a focus on working with the enemy's flow of energy rather than fighting force with equal force. It was important that they demonstrate flexibility and yield space to the enemy, more or less moving themselves out of harm's way. The word ju is often interpreted to mean being flexible or yielding.

Nowadays the word jujutsu is associated with grappling and close combat fighting techniques. The capable student is taught to use arm locks and leg locks as well as throws to toss their charging opponent to the floor and pin them effectively. They can keep their enemy pinned to the ground in a submission hold very easily. It's because of this focus on close restraint and submission that many law enforcement companies turn to jujutsu for training for their employees.

People who work with corrections and in law enforcement face the same situations day in and day out. They must apprehend, restrain and detain people who often don't want to be caught or brought in for questioning. On a good day, of which there can be many, the suspects will come willingly and cause no problems. On a bad day, which is bound to happen now and then, the suspect must be pinned. Using effective jujutsu techniques, the person being apprehended can calmed quickly because once they feel the strength of their opponent in the moves, they realize they need to settle or there will be more pain to come.

Before taking a class in jujutsu, the student should talk with the instructor and ask important questions. One of those might be whether or not they're allowed to wear a gi or uniform from a previous style of martial arts they may have been studying. Students are expected to have trimmed fingernails and toenails and to tie back their long hair. Because this is a grappling sport, clothing that is baggy or has extra pockets should be avoided. Things like cargo pants are a good example of what not to wear to a first class.

<a href="http://www.salvosabjj.com/v3/">Jiu Jitsu Toronto</a> training can be helpful in the law enforcement field. Having good hand strength is key because of the fact that this particular martial arts form involves much close combat. A person's body becomes a lever, a weapon, and a shield of sorts. Knowing about the sport before getting into it can help a person enter a class confident and prepared.

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