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luni, 30 ianuarie 2012

Having Ad Server

Having Ad Server

by Lizette Fitten

Firstly, let us define and go over a brief explanation regarding what ad serving is. Being a computer program, the ad server is able to store ads and bring them to website audiences. The local and remote or third party ad servers are both subtypes of the main ad server. Before hitting on the main point of the article, first let us describe what the respective subtypes are.

a. Typically operated by only one publisher is the local ad server; it also serves ads that publisher's domains with lots of ads and allows a specifically creative content and formatting which that publisher can control. b. The remote ad server, on the other hand, is able to provide ads on different domains being owned and run by various publishers. It delivers ads from one significant source to let advertisers along with publishers trace how their online ads give out and acquire a single place to control the dissemination and rotation of their online ads all athwart the web.

Another thing to note is that an advertiser may have only paid enough for an ad to be shown to every user in a day. In this case, the ad server should be able to distinguish whether a user has seen the ad before or not, and should not show it once again if the client has already seen it. A feature of the ad serving program is its full- and semi- automatic means of improving bid prices, audience target, ad placements and other stuffs. A couple other of its vital means are as follows:

Targeting peoples' actions Making use of a profile based on the behavior of a user to distinguish which advertisement to show during his given visits. Like for example, knowing that a user frequents automotive sections of general media sites and posting car advertisements on its portal.

Targeting people's background Conjecturing the maximum location of an ad from the info enclosed on pages of where the ads are being offered. Say for example, posting ads regarding mountain bikes automatically on web pages containing biking contents.

Optimizing creative resources Bringing into play experimental as well as predictive methods for each placement of any given ad to go into its optimum potential and constantly using that drive in the future.

The moment you type in <a href="https://www.isocket.com">self service advertising</a> into Ask.com, do you find the thing you need?

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