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marți, 24 ianuarie 2012

If You're Considering Selling Coins Online - Read This First!

If You're Considering Selling Coins Online - Read This First!

by Glen Phillips

With the advent of the internet, online coin dealers have become much more prevalent, resulting in an explosion of individuals <a href="http://atlantagoldandcoin.com/mail-your-items/">selling coins online</a>. This has also created a bit of a problem for sellers of coins, as there are a number of online coin dealers, some of which are less reputable than others. Merely having a flashy website isn't sufficient when attempting to locate an online coin dealer. Due diligence should be taken when selling coins online to ensure that you've selected the right coin buyer. In this article, we'll help you to identify some traits and characteristics that should be confirmed prior to selling your coins to an online dealer.

We first recommend that you confirm if the online coin dealer is affiliated with a third party agency that is dedicated to high levels of integrity and transparency, such as the Better Business Bureau. Simply being affiliated with the Better Business Bureau isn't enough, as online coin dealers may have a number of complaints filed against them or may have a number of unresolved matters. In other words, the grade or rating of the online coin dealer should be a large determining factor in deciding whether or not to sell your coins online to the dealer that you've identified.

You'll also want to confirm the length of time that the online coin dealer has been affiliated with the Better Business Bureau. A relatively short affiliation may not be sufficient to determine whether or not the coin dealer is reputable and honest in its dealings. While there's nothing scientific about this length of time, we're of the opinion that only online coin dealers that have an affiliation of at least a year should be considered. A year's time should be sufficient to identify trends and establish a track record. If not outstanding complaints remain after a year and the coin dealer has posted a solid "A" or "A-" rating, they're a firm that you should considering selling your coins online to.

At this point, you should have determined that the coin dealer to whom you're considering selling your coins online is affiliated with the Better Business Bureau, if they're in good standing, and have a relatively long established track record. The next step is to obtain other independent reviews of the online coin dealer through social media sources, on site testimonials provided by prior customers, and local places pages, such as Google Places. These independent evaluations can go a long ways in providing you with a sufficient level of comfort.

Last, but not least, when selling coins online, you should determine if the online coin dealer is transparent with respect to the rates that they're offering for coins. The preferred method in doing so is to have their current rates posted online. Online coin dealers that are paying highly competitive rates aren't shy about advertising their rates, as they are confident that few online dealers are able to compete with them. If for some reason they don't have their rates posted, a representative of the company should be willing to provide you with current rates over the phone. If they insist upon an evaluation of the items prior to providing a quote, move on, as this should be unnecessary.

While not considered to be an exhaustive list, we hope that the information above will help you to avoid some of the pitfalls when selling coins online and to receive the most for your coins.

When <a href="http://www.atlantagoldandcoin.com/mail-your-items/">selling coins online</a>, consider Atlanta Gold and Coin Buyers, one of the premier online coin dealers in the industry when you <a href="http://atlantagoldandcoin.com/coins/">sell coins online</a>.

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