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vineri, 27 ianuarie 2012

Inspiring Ideas For Mobile Landing Pages in Detail (Part 4 of 4)

Inspiring Ideas For Mobile Landing Pages in Detail (Part 4 of 4)

by Stephane Kolinsky

This is the final part in our 4 part series.

Lets get straight into my last two suggestions for Killer Mobile Landing Pages!

Killer Mobile Landing-page Concept 4

<u> <b>Landing pages to Let People Know Where you Are</b> </u>

If people have to come to your location to do business then you need to help them find you as easily as possible.

Support fliers and poster campaigns with QR Codes that link to GPS enabled maps showing the prospective purchaser where your premises are relative to where they are. You can have contact details on the same page if you like.

By linking local fliers and posters to a GPS enabled map you can maximize seasonal and expand the concept of 'passing trade'.

Why not add an offer to the map enabled landing-page to make double sure the lead ends up converting into a paying consumer?

Works superbly for multi site professional services firms too as a landing-page interlinked to QR enabled business cards.

Killer Mobile Landing page Idea 4

<b> <u>Shop + Mobile Commerce + Google Checkout or Google Wallet</u> </b>

All of the other killer landing page concepts I covered support your business in certain ways from marketing to consumer support.

This one puts money directly in your pocket because it is all about mobile commerce and people paying up for what you are selling with the clicking of a mobile icon.

This landing page isn't a page at all.

It is a shop.

Group similar product ranges together. Add descriptions, add photographs, add the price and make it straightforward to buy integrating your m-commerce store with Google Checkout and Google Wallet.

Without adding too much detail I just need to say that by adding both Google services to your m-commerce set-up you make it simpler for people to purchase from you.

Set-up your m-commerce store and use it as a landing-page to support catalogs, PPC and seasonal campaigns.

If you ever have telephone enquiries, now you can tell them how to buy your products straight away without using a PC or paper and pen to do it.

I hope all of the super killer landing pages that we have covered in the last four articles have inspired you to take a look at mobile marketing and mobile landing pages in a creative light.

That's it!

8 ideas in total.

Hope you found it handy!

Stephane Kolinsky runs Springboard Outsourcing a <a href="http://www.springboardoutsourcing.co.uk/mobile-websites">bespoke mobile website development agency in Plymouth Devon</a>. We also deliver <a href="http://www.springboardoutsourcing.co.uk/mobile-ad-campaigns/">small business mobile advertising campaigns</a> on the behalf of clients.

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