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marți, 17 ianuarie 2012

Kodak then hurled save one, HTC magic weapon lawsuit apple Fuji infringement

Kodak then hurled save one, HTC magic weapon lawsuit apple Fuji infringement

by Jerri Lily

The Los Angeles star road "kodak theatre", for Academy Awards, every year attracted the global attention of hundreds of millions. However, Eastman kodak company the former collect myriad dotes on the sponsor, but it was founded more than 130 years later to face the largest crisis.

Earlier this month, kodak announced it has offers from NYSE warning, because its average closing price has been below $1 in 30th. If the share prices in the next six months are still like before, kodak will face delisting. Immediately, kodak launched a series of self-rescue plan, which is to accumulate more than years of the patent, and to be the most important "help straw". Latest news, in addition to sell part of brewing patent added cash flow outside, Eastman kodak company has the lawsuit successively to apple, HTC and Fuji film, and filed says it violated many kodak patent.

Recently, Eastman kodak company announcement to say, I t has been launched to Fuji film litigation, accused the infringed kodak digital imaging related with many patent. "Kodak once and Fuji film had long-term communication, hope Fuji like other more than 30 companies, apply for the use of digital imaging technology leading kodak license." Kodak's chief intellectual property rights officer Timothy m. lynch in a statement, in order to develop these technologies and kodak investment hundreds of millions of dollars. Metaphor, Fuji film is not get kodak authorization, and have been using these techniques.

According to information, before this both sides have patents related negotiations, but failed to reach an agreement. In addition, Fuji also has a counterclaim to Kodak in October last year. Eastman kodak company think that, "this action is trying to transfer their illegal infringe upon the focus of patent kodak." Also, for the money of the "guts", kodak also is not afraid, says that the Fuji no for use unauthorized technology and pay compensation, seriously hindered the kodak continue to innovation and innovation.

Public data shows, in film industry is still images of the main body of the industry's, Fuji is the only can compete with kodak of enterprise, and once and kodak form duopoly form. Now the relative to most kodak, Fuji film turned to the digital age in tide of the action also faster, it also has relatively smooth transition kodak.

In fact, Fuji is not first kodak patents "last spring," the company, before this apple, HTC, nokia, MOTOROLA and almost all products and taking pictures of the related enterprise, they have problems because of patent it has the relationship with kodak. January 11, kodak filed application to the international trade commission, and it charged with apple mobile phones and tablet computers infringe upon its four and digital camera image related patents.

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