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vineri, 20 ianuarie 2012

Lack Of A Construction Audit Can Lead To Oversights

Lack Of A Construction Audit Can Lead To Oversights

by Therese Short

For many cities near fault lines, earthquakes are a distinct and real possibility. In these cities, the <A href="http://www.jbkassociates.com">construction audit</A> is an important asset to their smooth operation. Buildings must be able to withstand the forces of the unexpected. If not, there could be dire consequences.

This is especially true if the buildings in question are schools. In some cities auditor have deemed school seismic safety regulations unfit. Criticisms include the fact that, when buildings were constructed, they were built without specific concern for seismic safety. This concern does not sit well with many of the people living in these cities.

Some people feel that the regulatory agencies responsible for these buildings allowed children and teachers to occupy buildings that were unfit for population. These buildings were deemed unfit because of their lack of safety regulations. Safety architects in some cities have placed the issues at the top of their priority lists.

This is a troubling issue for sure. If school builders have skimped on security issues, one cannot help but wonder what other issues have been ignored. It signifies a breakdown of the social order. When deadlines pass and regulations are not met, someone must speak up rather than let people stay in dangerous buildings.

The common issue for most citizens of the earthquake prone cities is how long the government will take to fix the school buildings issue. For some, the issue may be unresolved for a long time. However, it depends on the structure city's government and the priority list of the safety architect.

The number of cities ignoring these type of building issues may be too great for auditors to investigate. There are many areas suffering from and ignoring the same types of problems. However, many people believe the issues can be solved in the cities with a competent auditor doing a good construction audit.

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