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duminică, 15 ianuarie 2012

Making Cheap Calls from Detaining institutions

Making Cheap Calls from Detaining institutions

by Elmer Richardson

Inmate telephone service is provided cheaply from www.offencerconnect.com. Inmates of prisons can make cheap jail calls and their families can also avail other services, such as transferring of money into their commissary account from the website portals. The inmate's family can easily create a prepaid account in his name and the receiver, that is the family, pays for the calls.

If the call is accepted by the family, the charge is reduced from the prepaid account. Other services, such as checking out the balance in the telephone account and viewing previous statements and accounts of several months and payment history is also possible through www.offencerconnect.com website.

The service is provided by DSI-ITI and helps the family to get better control over the calls from the inmate. Any number of phone numbers can be added to the phone account and the family can also send emails to the inmates through this account.

The family no longer needs to contact the LLC or the DSI-ITI in case of inmate calls. The inmate calls from www.offencerconnect.com is brought to inmates in several facilities. If you wish to find out whether your particular institution is serviced by this company, you could first go to the website and select the specific state. You can check out the facility from the dropdown box. However, it is even possible to request a service, if there is no service available for the specific facility that you are looking for. This is done by clicking the request button.

If you already have an existing account for cheap jail calls with ITI phone bills, it is possible to merge these with the new account created at their website. This is done by first signing up for the new phone account at their website. You can then give the details of your existing account with ITI along with the phone number. By clicking on the merge button on the phone settings, it is possible to merge both the existing and the new phone account together. All details of statements can be viewed and you will also be sent an email confirming this.

Visit our site, inmate-telephone-service.com, and learn more about inmate telecom service providers and services such as <a href='http://www.inmate-telephone-service.com/v-connect-advance-pay-service.html'>my v connect account</a> and <a href='http://www.inmate-telephone-service.com/offender-connect.html'>offenderconnect</a>.

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