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sâmbătă, 7 ianuarie 2012

MCITP Firm Administrator Security Design Features

MCITP Firm Administrator Security Design Features

by Rhonda D. Ohman

Site-link bridges could be a useful technique to carry out if you already have preexisting site links in your environment. Later , in Chapter 3 of this book, I Choosing Server Roles Once you've taken the time to spot the overall structure and design scheme of your concern, the following logical step is to pinpoint the role that Active Index can play in your design.

In the old days, this wasn?t quite as complicated a process. With systems like Windows NT, you simply had to choose a primary domain controller (PDC), and presumably a backup domain controller (BDC), and then go through the much more strenuous task of controlling the environment after planning it.

Now , however , solution architects and <a href="http://www.stormcert.com/certification/MCITP:-Enterprise-Support-Technician-35.html">MCITP Certification</a> administrators have the problem of not just selecting domain controllers but selecting among 1 or 2 sorts of domain controllers, DNS settings, server roles, server features, scripting, and hundreds of other options that can be implemented in your campus.

Microsoft has acclimatized to this change in administrative design by introducing many new features and best practices that must be followed in your organization.

Part of the dif?culty concerned with planning a concern with Windows Server 2008 is that there&#39;s so much that can be done! In Windows Server 2008 alone, Microsoft released several major features that are crucial to enormous environments. For the examination, you&#39;ll need to be well placed to ?re these features and their jargon off at impulse, because you can bet a silver dollar that you are going to be seeing all them?either on the certification examination or when you enter the workforce.

Since you already have some familiarity with these new features, I could brie?y cover the most commonly tested features here and say how you want to think about using these features in a Windows enterprise-level environment, as well as one or two old favorites that still raise their heads once in a while.

As you probably already know, read-only domain controllers (RODCs) are a hot topic in the IT workplace right now. RODCs are new to Windows Server 2008 and can be run only on <a href="http://www.stormcert.com/exams/70-680.html">70-680</a>. However, <a href="http://www.stormcert.com">Microsoft Exam</a> domain controllers can com- municate with them.

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