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joi, 19 ianuarie 2012

Meet Your Navigation Needs With the Garmin Nuvi 3790T GPS

Meet Your Navigation Needs With the Garmin Nuvi 3790T GPS

by Mary D. Hester

One of the pioneering companies in the Global Positioning System industry offers us the latest in its engineering efforts, the Garmin Nuvi 3790T GPS. The Nuvi 3790T shows that Garmin is continuing to update and expand from a technological point of view as well as in its design. The move to the "ultra-thin" look is a bit late as many other electronic hand-held devices have had that design for a while. But no matter, it is a good move for Garmin because that is what consumers want. With the constant improvement they seem to be doing, we continually have to ask ourselves if the bells and whistles can really get any better.

Ergonomic considerations are almost a must-have aspect for consumer electronics. The Nuvi 3709T can be easily carried in a shirt pocket and has the Pedestrian navigation mode which meets a new marketing demand. It is a bit early to know if Garmin's latest release is a hit or miss, though.

Truthfully, who would have imagined that the concept of "sexy" would be ever engineered into the design of a Global Position System unit? Garmin has played it smart by paying attention to the likes and dislikes and the needs of the very large market of electronic consumers. The Nuvi 3790T and a #2 pencil have the same slim profile cut. Other cool features at a glance include the ability to use the device in either a vertical or horizontal orientation - convenience.

While it isn't comprehensive enough to include absolutely everything, by using the 3-D Building and Terrain capability, you will get a representation of the terrain and the major buildings.

The Nuvi 3790T not only offers the City Navigator NT, it also comes standard with the SUNA Traffic Channel which has a life subscription. A consequence of creating such a low-profile design is that evidently there wasn't any room left for a FM receiver. Without a receiver, you won't be able to get traffic updates from SUNA. This means you will need a charge unit which also houses the FM receiver. Traffic updates will be available on the road because the charger is a mobile device.

You do have the capability of making hands-free phone calls because it also has Bluetooth capability. Think about experimenting with the device first because it seems that the microphone is the last thing that gets installed and rarely is it the best quality of mic on the market.

There is an entire slew of features that we cannot cover in detail simply because they are too many. Various software for making just about any kind of calculated conversion you would ever need.

Garmin Connect can download pictures of places so if you are traveling around the country and need ideas of where to go, you can just download then navigate to whatever place seems interesting. If you are traveling around the country and run out of ideas of what to see, you can download pictures from Garmin Connect and then just navigate to whatever the picture shows.

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