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luni, 30 ianuarie 2012

Shed Pounds Through Acquiring And Maintaining Muscles

Shed Pounds Through Acquiring And Maintaining Muscles

by Zandra Lermond

The best way for you to lose weight is by actually putting on weight. Muscle that is, because it increases your fat burn immensely. But you have to be smart, because lifting weights will not be enough to see you lose weight in the long term, but actually quite the opposite.

The only way that you can actually lose weight is to burn calories and in turn force your body to burn fat. The thing that does this the best is always going to be cardiovascular activity.

You've got to build those muscles up, if you want to get a lean but cut body. Otherwise you're just going to be thin, but there's not really going to be a whole lot of tone which can be a problem.

But resistance training offers you something different. Adding this to your routine is how you get fit but also how you're going to be able to get strong at the same time.

While you can't lose weight in the same way doing this as you can with cardio, it's an essential part of the process because it increases your metabolism altogether. That makes calorie burning, and weight loss that much easier.

Muscle requires a lot more calories than fat to survive, so if you want to keep your muscles, your body has to burn a lot more calories. That means enhanced fat burn, for the more muscle that you have.

But you do have to be prepared to work. Muscle building takes a long time, and usually a lot longer than cardio. Whether you want them big or small, the only way to do it is put in hours at the gym.

That means a ton of commitment, but it's worth the time because this is how you get your dream body. As long as you are committed, you're going to be amazed at just how far you can go with this system.

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