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miercuri, 11 ianuarie 2012

Twitter Marketing: Making It Work

Twitter Marketing: Making It Work

by Alyson Herman

If you know how to work the system, Twitter can be a very effective way to get a desired audience to check out your website. A lot of people call what they do on Twitter 'marketing'; in reality, they are just exploiting the social networking site. Twitter is a different type of marketing than anything else you've ever used before. It is based on a simple principle of give-and-take; you give to the community by contributing through your daily postings, or "tweets", and you get back in a lot of ways. If you launch your Twitter account properly from your very first tweet, you can build a solid reputation and relationship within the social network. You create a mutually respectful and profitable relationship when you do your best to help other people on Twitter; those who are "following" you benefit, and you benefit from them. This article describes some pieces of marketing advice you can begin using right away on Twitter.

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A Twitter strategy that is underused by many marketers is called "Block Tweeting". This is a way to keep you visible and not get lost in the Twitter stream. Since most Twitter users follow many different people, it is easy for an individual tweet to get buried and fall down the front page very quickly. If you are trying the communicate with your audience via single tweets it is unlikely that they will see most of them as they will more or less have to be watching their feed when you post it. You may be able to be more easily seen by doing around four tweets in one go. Those blocks of tweets will be highly visible and will get the attention they deserve from your followers. Don't worry about coming up with a message on the fly, you can prepare your tweets and schedule them ahead of time which makes it easier and gives you time to come up with an effective message to send.

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There is a fairly long list of different options available to you in this regard so you will have a wealth of options if you choose to automate. If you do not want to have a fully automated Twitter based strategy this is fine too as you can set up the automated tweets for weekly transmission, or whatever you like. This will bring down your work load and your audience will be supplied with fresh and relevant information on a regular basis. Finding these kinds of tools is easy with the help of Google, which will bring up a couple of these automation tools, the majority of them are free. You can also get a few plugins for your Wordpress blog that will help you automatically tweet as well. It is important to keep in mind that in order to engage a Twitter marketing campaign you will actually need to have a fairly impressive list of followers that will pay attention to what you have to say. In spite of this, some people attempt to follow the Twitter path when they do not have much of a following. Building a solid foundation of base support is of paramount importance and you should only move ahead with your efforts once you have established this. If you're in the initial stages, just send out tweets focused on forwarding people to your blog, where you can collect their email address and then take it from there.

If you follow our simple steps marketing on Twitter really is not very hard at all for anyone who wants to do it. Always keep you eyes open for new changes to twitter, and never try to make shortcuts. Following each step is important. Remember, you always want to be sure to keep your posts clean. It is much better to run marketing plans without using spam at all even though it may seem like an easy solution at times. Sometimes the results you receive aren't as good, but other times they can be quite amazing. Keep experimenting with different methods and techniques in order to find the best marketing formula for your online business.

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