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luni, 9 ianuarie 2012

Wonderful, I Like It - Polaroid Digital Camera Review

Wonderful, I Like It - Polaroid Digital Camera Review

by Alexis Morgan

However, its good compare it to other point and shoot cameras. The 720p HD video is great to have as well.

I had to take the battery out in order for it to shut off. Just printed out the return forms, this camera is going back. Well, I've seen the results and they are fabulous! She was a little leery of taking that first underwater shot but has taken some fantastic pictures.

While all of these were preventable, they don't detract from the overall value of this camera. I purchased this for upcoming travel in a harsh environment likely to test each of its waterproofing, shock proofing and dustproofing. I used it as a field camera (I have a larger digital SLR, but when I'm out in the field, I don't like to carry it). I bought it because it was tough and waterproof--both very nice features for me. I took it to a rafting trip in WV and to the beach, it works perfect! You do have plug into the computer before insert the memory card, but other than that is a great addition to your electronics! Do not buy this camera! I purchased this camera some months ago for my wife and son. Rinsed off the saltwater and took it to the mountains for the long shots. It is small enough for a pocket and great for hiking and backpacking - no worries on dropping. It is easy to carry around everywhere and comes in great colors. I would recommend this camera to everyone!

We carry all the time for great memories. Amazing product as I dropped it in pool and forgot about it, found it after 30 minutes and this camera was working as normal as it was before!

The manual for this camera is online I believe. Haven't tried the underwater feature but hopefully it will work out, it seemed to get good reviews from other users.

Once I removed and reinserted the battery, the pictures would come out clear again. I was very disappointed and did not even attempt an underwater shot.

When using the camera underwater in the pool, along with outside the pool the camera took great pictures. The camera has a lot of settings to choose from to make sure you are taking a good picture.

It would shut off without reason while I was setting up a posed picture. Battery charged, no buttons pressed, just sitting there, lining the kids up or whatever, and 'beep' the camera shut off. I'll find out what he thinks once I ship it off to him. Great service, fast shipping, and the camera came with everything it needed!

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