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joi, 16 februarie 2012

The Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking

The Benefits Of Vehicle Tracking

by Helen Clark

Vehicle tracking and fleet management are very crucial aspects of asset organisation that any international company should be applying to their daily operations. With vehicle management, companies can monitor the transportation of their goods through their fleet while minimizing the risks that come with it.

Companies can hire the services of an outside contributor for vehicle management or they can demand lower management to do so. Either way, fleet management would be advantageous for the company. Because of the rising demand for fleet management solutions, sales of GPS units and software have improved in recent years. From 1.5 million units sold three years ago, sales are expected to rise up to 4 million in the next three years.

A well-organised vehicle management system would necessitate the use of car locator systems and tools like GPS units. GPS devices are attached to delivery trucks to emit alerts that will allow managers to find the movement of goods and the efficiency level of their employees. The data collected, which may include the trip profile to gas consumption, will be saved in the system database which will decode it for managers. Interestingly, the software can also present details pertaining to the last known customer of the fleet being tracked.

Interestingly, fleet management systems can be used to distantly control stolen company automobiles. It is also very helpful in warning drivers of street blocks as well as alerting fleet owners in times of emergencies and accidents. Fleet owners and technicians can disable vehicles and lock the brakes by manipulating the fleet management software used. This feature helps companies save thousands of bucks in repair and embezzled goods and assets.

The cost of GPS tools and software program vary depending on the trademark and make. Portable GPS tools would usually sell around $100 although larger ones could cost companies around $250 up to $1,000. Fleet management is essential to company logistics and any large-scale company who's looking into development should have one. GPS models could be expensive but companies would save more if they used one.

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