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miercuri, 29 februarie 2012

Design Beaded Apparel

Design Beaded Apparel

by Marjorie J McDonald

When designing a garment that you need to do any sort of <a href="http://whatisbeading.com">bead embroidery</a> or enhancement on you start with the design basics. Shape, detail and the way in which the garment will be worn. Bead embellishment can be done on attire from jean jackets to very upmarket wedding gowns. There's no limit on bead design. The limits come more in bead placement so the overall look is creative and beautiful.

Bead embroidery can be one of the most demonstrative, most satisfying systems of bead work you may do.

You can use any fabric that you can get a needle thru. Bead embroidery has been around for generations and is extremely valued in the high fashion fashion world. Beads on fabrics look great not only on dresses, wedding gowns and in fashion but also add that something extra on bags, hats, shoes, and belts.

Basic Beading needs only a needle, thread and beads. There are just two stitches to learn: a stop stitch and a running stitch.


1. Beads: You can stitch most beads to fabric. You can use seed beads because they're tiny and sit well on fabric. There are lots of decisions to select your beads from so be imaginative. Here are a few choices. Delicas, Czech seed beads, Japanese seed beads, larger beads.

2. Beading Needle: These are longer and thinner than regular needles so that they can go through little beads like seed beads. However , they are weaker than most needles so that they can bend and break more easily.

3. Beading thread: You can buy special beading thread (customarily nylon) that is coated and particularly protects the thread from fraying, knotting and tangling. I favor regular sewing thread in the exact same color for the entire project so it does not distract from the design.

4. Fabric you wish to bead.

Begin with the pattern making of the garment design, put the bead elaboration into the method and create attractive bead embellished clothes that are designed and made well and you have a successful finished garment that you or your customer will want to wear and enjoy having as a part of a unparalleled wearable wardrobe.

Marjorie J McDonald is a clothing and knitwear designer as well as a <a href="http://whatispatternmaking.com">professional patternmaker</a> trained in Haute Couture. One of the most fun parts of the process is the designing, finishing and embellishing as it can make or break a line of clothing and impact the successful launch of a fashion line. Marjorie is known for her <a href="http://whatisbeading.com/articles/bead-on-fabric/">beading on fabric</a>.

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