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miercuri, 15 februarie 2012

The Economic Ramifications Of Workplace Safety

The Economic Ramifications Of Workplace Safety

by Jennifer Bowers

Workplace-related injuries are more rampant than ever in the American business milieu, and figures indicate that about 40 million workers have been hospitalized due to such. Yes, this is a reliable figure and a disappointing one, considering the number of companies who try to ensure the safety of their workers. Several companies have suffered significant losses due to liability for workplace-related injuries. Profitability and workplace make strange bedfellows indeed, and this article serves as an elucidation to the aforementioned postulate.

Companies in general are caught up in achieving synergy, and for those involved in the industrial sector, synergy is predicated on constant and consistent improvement in products and best practices. They conclude that there is indeed a correlation between best practices in making good product and realizing a healthy profit margin. Unfortunately, too many companies get caught up in drive for higher profits and tend to allow workplace safety to become an afterthought.

The costs associated with operating a large manufacturing facility in America are astounding. Workplace injuries do not only burden companies with expenses and reduce productivity, they can sometimes lead to calumny and a tarnished reputation. These injuries can be reduced with proper planning and careful attention to detail. You can usually prevent workplace injury from occurring. One of the best ways to avoid catastrophe and chaos in the workplace is to keep the workplace clean and safe. Workers, too, have a responsibility in keeping themselves safe from harm.

In addition, workplace injuries can greatly increase the work load of insurance companies, hospitals and clinics. As companies continue to pay higher premiums for employee health care, one of the only means available for cost recovery is to increase the prices of the goods they produce. This places the burden of expense on the consumer, and allows companies to ignore the root cause of their workplace injuries. What is manifested here is an apparent focus on purveying a vicious cycle of economic hardship, rather than an apparent focus on making sure the workforce remains healthy and safe.

One noteworthy aspect of today's business climate is the phenomenal number of industrial jobs that are being outsourced to other countries. This can be explained with pith by considering the following reasons. And one of the most aphoristic reasons is the fact that American companies are able to reduce their operating costs to a mere fraction of what they would normally pay for in the homefront, by taking advantage of cheap foreign labor. As for foreign, especially third world countries, they are usually more than happy to facilitate their economic growth with the help of Western business entities. But this often comes with a very dire price - workplace safety.

If companies want to be profitable in the long term, they need to reexamine their approach to workplace safety and the health of their workers. Many of America's largest companies have long been sourcing jobs overseas because of their lenient labor policies and cheap labor. But American companies can still earn profit while staying safe. By making a concerted effort towards inculcating safety procedures and taking preventative measures, workplace injuries can be avoided in many cases. Let this be your mantra as a business owner - safety begets happiness begets productivity.

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