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vineri, 17 februarie 2012

Fast Track Your Convention’s Success with a Conference App

Fast Track Your Convention’s Success with a Conference App

by Nathan Jones

Nowadays, we see that more and more conferences are embracing technology in the way they are organized.Gone are the days when attendees toted flyers to find out where the next session will be.Hard copies of seminars are also disappearing and being replaced by electronic copies.Even finding your way around does not require a map illustrated on paper anymore.With a <a href='http://crowdcomms.com/event-apps/'>conference app for mobiles</a>, all you need is your smartphone or iPad and you’re good to go.If you want your next conference to be this convenient and advanced, here are some pointers.

First, conference apps for mobiles need to have a scheduling tool, and should have an overview of the events in the conference.It would also be ideal if the app has a personalized agenda so each attendee can fit most of the events into his or her schedule.What makes this more beneficial than an electronic calendar is that any changes in the schedule or venue can be made in real time so each guest is made aware right away.

conference app for smartphoness should also have maps that will let attendees easily make their way to the different seminars or sessions.Also, trade show exhibitors can use the mapping system to help guests locate their display so they can stop by.

It would also be ideal for a conference app to let guests have easy access to social media sites.This will allow them to make constant updates on Facebook, Twitter or other sites about where they are.This is also beneficial for event organizers or speakers who may need to make constant announcements or updates.

Attendees should also be able to download PDF files or even PowerPoint presentations that they can save onto their hand-held devices using conference apps.This will make it easier for them to understand the seminar without having to browse through numerous pages of hard copy for every assembly.Moreover, this can be a way to help the environment since it will decrease the use of printed material.

Using a conference app benefits not only guests but also organizers, clients and vendors.People will be able to get the full experience of the event minus the burden of confusing maps, countless forms and heavy hard copies of programs.

Nathan Jones is an expert on <a href="http://crowdcomms.com/event-apps/">event apps for mobiles</a> and is an author at <a href="http://www.crowdcomms.com/">Crowdcomms</a> a conference smart phone app company.

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