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luni, 20 februarie 2012

Finding Historical Lost Treasures: La Noche Triste

Finding Historical Lost Treasures: La Noche Triste

by Tom Snow

<i> <b>"</b>The night of sorrows" - </i> that's how Cortez described the defeat of the Spanish army at the hand of Aztec Indians. Cortez and his men were trapped in Tenochtitlan, the fabled city of gold in what is today modern Mexico. They were holding the Aztec ruler, Moctezuma, hostage. When Moctezuma died, the Aztecs grew violent and stormed the city.

Cortez planned an escape by night and instructed his men to take as much treasure as they could carry. They were hoping to slither by the Aztecs but were apprehended and a bloody battle ensued in which no individual escaped uninjured. A lot of Spanish infantrymen were fatally injured, unable to take flight because they were so bogged down with booty. They were killed by spears or drowned in the lake that the city of Tenochtitlan was built on. Many more soldiers would have died except the Aztecs stopped to retrieve their silver and gold. The date was 1520.

Even though Cortez escaped with his life and later returned with overwhelming force to take apart the Aztec Empire, one enquiry remains to this day: What happened to the treasure of silver and gold the Spanish soldiers had tried to carry away?

It is a historical fact that the treasure exists. Its price has been projected to be worth close to 50% of all the wealth ever collected in Spanish South America. Some of the items that vanished include solid circles of silver and gold, semi-precious jewels, a solid gold life-size alligator head and numerous collars made from gold. To this day, the treasure hasn't ever been found.

There are numerous speculations about what has happened to the treasure. One speculation is that a big portion of it sank to the bottom of the lake being covered by rubble when Cortez returned to tear the city into the ground. Treasure hunting has continued in the area to this very day. The lake has even been drained and dragged in efforts to recover it.

Other ideas indicate the Aztecs hid the silver and gold in the close by hills or even in another field some distance away. This is plausible; particularly when you remember that the Spanish conquerors brought diseases like smallpox with them in that the Indians were defenseless. A grim pandemic soon destroyed the local population in that area. So perhaps the knowledge on where the treasure was hidden passed on with them.

Some may ponder whether treasure hunting can be rewarding. There are plenty of success stories to prove it utterly can be. In 1998, Mel Fisher found the wreck of a Spanish treasure ship in the Caribbean that was loaded down with 100,000 gold coins. He immediately changed into a multi-millionaire as a outcome. In 2005, $10,000,000,000 worth of treasure-in the case of 6 hundred barrels of gold coins-was found at "Crusoe" Island close to the coast of Chile.

There's more sophisticated gear for treasure hunting being developed all of the time. A mini robot that has the ability scan 50 meters below the earth was utilized to find the gold coins on Crusoe Island. With new hardware such as this, it's worth having a second look at the story of <i>La Noche Triste </i>and see whether the legendary <b><a href="http://satellitetreasuremaps.com/Google-Maps-GPS-Satellite-Map-Lost-Treasure.html">lost treasure</a></b> can be discovered.

Tom one of the primary contributors to the base data, as well as, to the progress and advancement of <a href="http://satellitetreasuremaps.com">Satellite Treasure Map</a> Info overlaid on <a href="http://satellitetreasuremaps.com/Google-Map-Silver-Gold-Maps-Buried-Treasure.html">Google Maps</a>. Tom has accumulated this info through many years of seeking out obscure truths thru many diverse sources.

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