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marți, 28 februarie 2012

How To Lower The Cost Of Your Minnesota Auto Insurance Policy

How To Lower The Cost Of Your Minnesota Auto Insurance Policy

by Nicole Suggs

The internet has made it easier than ever to find the best deals on car insurance. Price comparison websites are a convenient way to get quotes from different insurers. In addition, you can use online application forms to see how changing certain aspects of your policy can affect your premium. Here are some top tips to help you pay less for Minnesota auto insurance.

Don't buy more coverage than you need. For example, if you already have comprehensive health cover, you probably don't require personal injury protection. If you are a member of an automobile association that provides roadside assistance, you probably don't need a policy that pays for towing costs.

Increase your deductible. This is the amount of the claim you have to pay for before the insurer covers the rest. On comprehensive or collision cover the deductible is usually flexible. Choosing a high deductible may mean that your insurance won't pay anything toward a minor fender-bender. However, it could significantly lower your premium.

Pay the annual premium up front. If you choose a monthly payment plan for budgeting convenience, it could significantly increase the overall cost of your policy. A monthly plan is basically a loan for the full premium amount, plus interest, paid back over the course of the year. Because the interest rates charged by insurers tend to be much higher than average, many people could save by paying the full amount with a credit card.

Add a low risk driver to your policy. If you're a young male, have a poor driving record or have a history of claims, you'll pay higher premiums. One way to reduce costs is to name another driver on your policy. Ideally, it will be a female over thirty with a clean licence. Many young men could get a lower quote simply by insuring their mother to drive their car.

Try selecting a different job title. Online insurance forms usually ask you to pick your occupation from a list. They charge higher premiums to people whose jobs indicate that they are statistically more likely to make a claim. Some people have occupations that can honestly be categorized in different ways. A newspaper reporter might be able to get a cheaper policy simply by changing their job title to 'journalist'.

Shop around whenever your Minnesota auto insurance comes up for renewal. In many cases you can get a better deal by going with a different company. Insurers frequently use big discounts to attract new business, but raise premiums for existing customers.

You can also find details about <a href="http://www.onlineautoinsurance.com/minnesota/">Minnesota auto insurance</a> requirements and tips on how to <a href="http://www.melodramatic.com/users/ludivinablasz/2011/nov/11/guide-help-you-obtain-cheap-insurance-young-drivers-easily">obtain cheap ins</a>, right now.

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