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miercuri, 1 februarie 2012

How You Can Double Runescape Money

How You Can Double Runescape Money

by Kermit Deras

Many Runescape players think that making RS Gold is very hard in the game. Now the great idea is that making millions of RS gold is possible for both low level players and high level players. If you know the way to identify the valuable items you will become rich within a short time. Check the price could be an important part of the producing gold in Runescape.

I have some instructions here to show you how to make precious metal bars in Runescape. You should take your pickaxe and travel around the Rimmington areas. Find the mining area there. You can stick to the mini-map on the right top of your screen.

Go around the world of Runescape and collect the valuable items then deposit them in your bank account. The unicorn horns, gold ore, diamonds and the herbs could be the most worthy products. These items are dropped by the monsters during the combat. Some of the valuable items can be mined. While you are exploring Runescape, you can refer to the mini-map in the top of the screen.

Click the gold bar in your inventory and then turn it into the jewelry mold in your inventory. You can also select the number of jewelry you would like to turn. Your character will craft the pieces of jewelry and turn them into beautiful ones in your inventory. Then continue to craft the gold bars until you have crafted all of them. Then you can have your jewelry sold in the Grand Exchange.

All the rock will be refined first. You put the rocks into the furnace and once it is refined, the gold bar will appear on your screen. You can move it in your inventory. If you have made enough gold bars then you can sell them within the Grand Exchange or make them into rings and bracelets. All the gold products are sellable in the Grand Exchange. They will sell for more Runescape gold than the raw materials.

The more <strong>runescape gold</strong> you hold in the game, the more power you have! Why don't purchase some <a href="http://www.rsfirm.com/">RS gold</a> for your character in the game?

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